Silvestri Privacy Fencing

Privacy Fencing creates a completely private and visually secure environment. They are perfect for outdoor family spaces. In addition, they can provide barriers from unwanted environmental sounds. Three of our most popular styles are solid Tongue & Groove fence, Flat Board and Stockade.

The Tongue & Groove privacy fence is our most popular and the strongest privacy fence we make. The classic design is constructed using 1” x 6” wood tongue & groove pickets, 2” x 4” back rails, and a 1” x 6” bottom rail. All of the wood rails are routed with a decorative trim detail. Our PVC/Vinyl version is steel reinforced for added structural strength. Upper panel may be added to enhance your personal style. Available in Wood and PVC/Vinyl.

Our Flat Board Privacy fence is a best value and is constructed using solid wood boards abutted tightly against each other and to the frame in which they are attached. The tops of each board can be cut into several shapes, round, french gothic, pointed, flat and dog eared. In addition, the boards can be cut smooth with a continuous profile, flat or curved. Flat Board panels may be dressed up by adding front rails and a cap board. Available in Wood

The Stockade style fence is a great economical alternative to privacy fencing. While it has a low price, it’s construction uses thick, custom-made cedar 3/4” pickets, 2” x 3” back rails, and a choice of 4” square cedar or pressure treated posts, or durable galvanized steel posts. Stockade fences can be constructed with one of three top edge profiles, straight, scalloped and crown. Available in Wood.

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