Silvestri Post & Rail Fencing

Post & Rail fencing is one of the simplest of all wooden fence styles and is ideal for property boundaries, landscape accents, gardens and pool perimeters, as well as field and pasture enclosures. We offer six rail styles and a variety of post styles and sizes. Any of our post & rail fences can be equipped with wire screen attached to meet pool codes or to keep animals in or out.

Diamond Rail is a formal variation on the standard post & rail, diamond rail fences stand out with their clean, geometric lines. The fence uses 4” x 4” square rails and 5” x 5” posts with caps. Available in Wood and PVC/Vinyl.

Split Rail are made from split timber logs, a split rail fence has a rustic appearance, reminiscent of an earlier time and adds character and warmth to your landscape. Made out of locust or spruce hard wood, this timeless classic creates an economical barrier. Available in Wood only.

Round Rail have rails and posts that are round. Less rustic then our split rail fences, round rails add a pleasing look of uniformity and symmetry in this style of post & rail fence. Available in Wood only.

Flat Rail (Farm/Paddock Fence) fences are the most common type of animal enclosure, but can also add to your landscape design. Available in Wood and PVC/Vinyl.

Rustic Cedar Rail are made using Western Red Cedar and have a wonderfully warm country feel to its appearance, making it a great choice for maintaining the natural beauty of your property. Available in Wood only.

The New England Rail harkens back to the simpler time in our country’s history. This fence combines a small diameter round rail with a pointed doweled post. Available in Wood only.

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